The Sage Society’s Dinner Will Serve Up “Strong” Food For Thought On The Trips Of A Lifetime


After two years of the only trips being to the grocery store, North Texans are busting to travel to far-off places. And, of course, for many it’s not Padre Island or Choctaw Casino. Those folks want to experience unique spots and in luxurious style that will result in tales to share with family and friends for years to come. Whether it’s “venturing off the beaten path to see Michelangelo’s hidden drawings in Florence,” scuba diving in Viet Nam’s Ha Long Bay or admiring the wall paintings at Tiger’s Nest 10,200 feet above Paro Valley, these worldly types have passports crammed with stamps that would impress Phileas Fogg.


But when it comes to know-how and when to book their bucket list trip, North Texas’ own Jim Strong is the man who knows the best of the best in the world of luxury experiences. Why, one of his Strong Travels Services staff members has already been appointed as an Accredited Space Agent for Virgin Galactic.


That’s why his presentation “Return To Luxury Travel” on Tuesday, May 17, for The Senior Source’s Charles C. Sprague Sage Society’s annual dinner at the Dallas Country Club is so perfectly timed.


Sponsored by Tolleson Wealth Management, the dinner is co-chaired by Ellen and Bob Dill.


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