About The Sage Society

Dr. Charles Sprague was the driving force behind the establishment of The Sage Society.

He served as its first chairman, and he continued to guide its development until the time of his death in 2005.

The two major goals of the society are:

  • to build financial support for our services that improve the quality of life of our community’s older adults
  • to educate community leaders on the challenges and concerns of the aging population

In these days of shrinking support and public funds, community becomes vital in meeting the increasing needs of older adults and their families. With the Sage Society, we hope to highlight the urgency of giving older Americans a higher place on the agenda of community concerns and create a brighter future for all generations.


The Senior Source invites our Sage Society members to a newly created lunch series called On the Menu. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults and this series will share firsthand client stories and helpful information for you and your loved ones. While future meetings will be in person, they are currently being held via Zoom. So, grab your lunch and get ready to learn!

When invited to attend a meeting, we ask that you register in advance, after which you’ll receive instructions on how to join the call.

Membership Information

The financial support the Sage Society generates allows The Senior Source to be proactive in enhancing and expanding our services to the rapidly increasing number of older adults in the greater Dallas area.

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