Frauds and Scam Prevention

Financial fraud occurs every 15 seconds. At the Elder Financial Safety Center, we provide education, resources, and tools to help you prevent financial fraud and protect yourself from scams.

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Frauds and Scam Prevention

Scammers are sophisticated and use minimal details they can find about you online, from your mail, or someone you know to make up stories and scenarios that seem real or possible to get you to fall for their scam.

We answer these questions and more:
  • I received a call from the IRS or FBI – should I be concerned? What do I do next?
  • I received a letter in the mail stating if I send a processing fee, I will receive a reward check for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Should I pay the processing fee?
  • I received an email about an error processing an online purchase I did not make, and I need to call right away to update my bank card information if I want to complete the purchase.  Should I call to make sure I do not get charged?
  • Will I ever win a foreign lottery?
  • My bank called to alert me to fraudulent activity and asked me to verify my account, routing, and social security numbers. Should I give them the information they should already have?
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The Senior Source Joins with the FTC in the Scams Against Older Adults Advisory Group

We are proud to announce that The Senior Source has joined with the Federal Trade Commission, US Department of Treasury, and other national and international organizations on the Scams Against Older Adults Advisory Group. The group focuses on expanding education efforts and improving training and technology to prevent scams. This adds to The Senior Source’s already robust efforts to protect older adults from frauds and scams.

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Click the button below for a document on guiding principles to prevent frauds and scams.

Frauds and Scam Prevention


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