Long-Term Care Ombudsman Volunteers Needed

Older adults in nursing homes and assisted living facilities should live out their later years with dignity and respect in a safe environment. Volunteer long-term care ombudsmen help staff ensure that happens for the 16,000 residents living in Dallas County facilities.

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Dallas County Long-Term Care Facilities
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CONTACT: Suzanna Sulfstede, LMSW, Program Director
CALL: 214-525-6114
EMAIL: SSulfstede@TheSeniorSource.org
Volunteer Long-Term Care Ombudsmen

You Can Help

Vulnerable seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities rely on ombudsmen to listen to their concerns and advocate on their behalf. If you are 21 years or older and have the time and concern, there’s a resident waiting for you.

There is always a need for more volunteers to meet the needs of seniors in nursing homes. You can help by becoming a volunteer ombudsman!

Certified Volunteer Ombudsman

Volunteer information sessions are held via Zoom throughout the year for individuals who are interested in becoming a Certified Volunteer Ombudsman. During the session, staff ombudsmen provide information about the ombudsman program and role and review training requirements and expectations of volunteers.

Steps to becoming a Certified Volunteer Ombudsman


Submit application.


Potential volunteers are screened for conflicts of interest and background checks and reference checks are completed.


Complete 36 hours of initial certification training, including classroom training, self-study assignments and onsite visits.


Once certified, complete 18 hours of continuing education each year to maintain certification.

Certification training by ombudsman staff
A total of 36 hours of training, including classroom training, self-study assignments and onsite visits.
Completion of a 3-month internship in an assigned long-term care facility prior to being certified as an ombudsman by Texas Health and Human Services.
Ongoing monthly training sessions.

The Long-Term Care Ombudsmen at The Senior Source give a voice to those who may be unable to speak for themselves. Long-term care resident, Stephanie’s heartbreaking story had a happy ending because of the intervention of a staff ombudsman.

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