Dementia Support 

The Senior Source has multiple programs that can greatly benefit seniors with dementia and those who care for them. There is no charge for the services listed below, but clients must qualify for some services.  

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Dementia Support

The Mayo Clinic describes dementia as “a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities.” Dementia is an “umbrella” term that describes a group of diseases. These diseases all affect the brain.

Just like “cancer” describes a wide variety of diseases (such as lung cancer and leukemia), “dementia” also describes multiple diseases that affect the brain. Loss of memory is the most common symptom of dementia. Memory loss, however, is not always caused by dementia.   

Alzheimer’s disease” is the most widely known form of dementia (as well as the most common), but there are others such as “vascular dementia,” “Lewy body dementia,” and others.  

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Dementia Live Training 

The Senior Source conducts periodic events where individuals or people in a specific organization can experience “Dementia Live®.” This high-impact dementia simulation gives people a small sample of what it is like to live with dementia. This can help foster empathy and understanding for those who live with dementia every day. 

Study to help Alzheimer’s Disease Research dementia

Join the study to help Alzheimer’s Disease Research

You can help with Dementia Research! Did you know that elevated systolic blood pressure is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related dementias? We are helping our friends at Texas Health and UT Southwestern Medical Center spread the word about this study. If a loved one you know is willing and interested in participating in this study, please contact or

Our Services

Resources for Dementia Patients and Family Members Who Care for Them 

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Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Support Program provides information, resources and services that can be particularly helpful to family members caring for a loved one with dementia. A few of the helpful services include home safety visits, care coordination, support groups for caregivers and information about respite care to help give dementia caregivers a break.   

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Senior Companion Program 

Trained volunteers in the Senior Companion Program can be a comfort and help to a senior dementia patient living at home. They can help with things like dressing and grooming and can simply be there to be their companion. Seniors Companions can also help ease the strain on family members by doing things like shopping and running errands.   


Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program 

The Long-term Care Ombudsman Program can provide information and guidance on long-term care facilities, including those that would best meet the needs of someone with dementia. The ombudsman program also helps protect the health, safety, and well-being of residents in long-term care facilities in Dallas County by advocating on their behalf.    

Elder financial abuse advocacy

Elder Financial Safety Center

The Elder Financial Safety Center (EFSC) is an excellent resource that can be particularly helpful for families who are dealing with dementia. The EFSC can help with insurance counseling (including Medicare), and benefits assistance (such as applying for SNAP, Medicaid, and utility assistance). The EFSC can also give guidance on important legal documents to protect dementia patients and their families, such as a medical power of attorney.   

Helpful Resources for Dementia Support

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