Many older adults today are at risk for abuse, neglect or exploitation. While some have family or friends who can help, others have no one to whom they can turn.

calculatorSome seniors may be unable to make decisions for themselves and require the services of a court appointed guardian. For these individuals, staff and trained volunteers work to preserve their health and well-being.  

For other older adults who may need help managing their finances, we help organize bills, balance check books, set-up monthly budgets and assist with check writing.  Because of this program, hundreds of the most vulnerable in our community are able to live safely — a way of life we all deserve.



Contact  Meghan Hutchinson, the Guardianship Director at 214-823-5700 or via email.

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Contact Meghan Hutchinson, the Guardianship  Director at 214-823-5700 or via email.

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