MySweetWishList: The Senior Source


“The Senior Source, a 60-year-old nonprofit agency is ready to take your donation to bring a smile to the face of a lonely nursing home resident. Even before the pandemic, nearly half of seniors in long-term care facilities never received visitors. For some, a gift from The Senior Source will be the only one they receive this year.

“The Senior Source’s Friendly Visitor Program’s annual holiday wish list is on Amazon. While you are shopping online, will you add a gift or two to your cart for the older adults who are isolated and alone this holiday season? With a few clicks of your mouse, you can send a pair of reading glasses, personal care supplies, clothing, or a crossword puzzle book to an older adult in a Dallas County long-term care facility. At checkout, Amazon even gives you the option to directly ship the gifts to The Senior Source’s office. You can make a world of difference without even leaving home.


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