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As a graduate of Harvard Business School, Stacey Malcolmson might have had her pick of Fortune 500 firms for which to work. But she is quite happy, thank you very much, working as the President & CEO of The Senior Source, a non-profit that improves the lives of older adults in Dallas.

And what led this vivacious, fourth-generation Texan to this position? “I grew up in Houston, and we used to visit my grandmother in Beaumont,” said Stacey. “She would always take us with her to nursing homes, bringing Hershey bars and bananas to residents. They loved my grandmother! And as a result of that experience, I have always had an affection for older adults.”

Her grandmother also instilled in her a desire to serve and give back. After working first for Frito Lay in marketing, she started “giving back” by beginning her fundraising career at SMU. After six years, she went to the United Way as Chief Development Officer.

“It was there that I learned about The Senior Source, and it stuck with me,” she said. When a recruiter approached her a few years later about being CEO for The Senior Source, she said, “The mission spoke to me!”

Regarding their vision, the website says The Senior Source is “Making Older Better.”  It does that in so many ways, according to Stacey. “Older adults can be overlooked, but they have so much to offer. We help to give them respect, dignity, financial security, and improve their emotional and mental health.”

She says they generally get two types of calls—a senior who needs financial support, or an adult child or spouse who is overwhelmed caring for a loved one and needs help.

Regarding the former, The Senior Source helps to maximize the revenue and decrease the expenses of older adults. They can even provide help with utilities. “The Senior Source partners with Atmos and TXU,” said Stacey. “We can pay a utility bill once a year, and we were also able to help with winter storm expenses through the generosity of private foundations.”


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