The Elder Financial Safety Center is a safe and trusted place for older adults to get expert, professional and unbiased guidance to ensure financial well-being.


Our vision is to ensure every older adult lives in a safe community with the financial resources to securely age with dignity.

We focus on Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution.


Prevention from too little income and too much debt, as well as frauds and scams through:

  • Career Services
  • Financial Coaching
  • Benefits Assistance
  • Money Management
  • Budgeting
  • Insurance Counseling
  • Filing a Fraud Complaint
  • Debt Management


Protection for those vulnerable who are struggling to manage their daily affairs and are commonly exposed to financial predators.


Prosecution for cases involving the exploitation and abuse of elderly victims. Specialized investigators are dedicated solely to ensuring justice is achieved through the prosecution of financial crimes.


To schedule a meeting with a member of the Elder Financial Safety Center team, or to learn more about our services, please contact the director, Julie Krawczyk at 214-823-5700.

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