Applying for SNAP Benefits

What is SNAP?

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.  You may also hear it referred to as the food stamp program.  SNAP provides monetary monthly assistance that can be used to purchase food at your local grocery stores.  Whatever amount you don’t use will roll over until the next month.

Eligibility is based off of a monthly income limit, household size, and total assets in your household.  For example, If a family size of one applies for SNAP today, their income limit cannot be higher than $1,869 Gross a month and their bank account, IRA or any other assets cannot total over $2,000k- as a household of 1.  Income limits do increase depending on your household size.

2023 State Benefits income limits:

SNAP (Asset limit=$2000)
Family size | Maximum monthly income | Monthly SNAP Amount Max Potential (not guaranteed)
1 | $ 869 | $281
2 | $ 518 | $516
3 | $ 167 | $740
4 | $ 816 | $939
5 | $ 465 | $1,116
For each additional person add: $649 | $211

There are many ways you can apply for the program:

  1. If you live in the state of Texas, you can dial 211 and have a representative mail you an application.
  2. You can go onto, apply online and upload all required documents or
  3. If you are looking for side by side application assistance, you can reach to a local benefits enrollment specialist to help you!




Contact Julie Krawczyk, Elder Financial Safety Center Director at 214-525-6157.

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