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Caregivers you can do this. The Senior Source can help.

Caring for a senior loved one can be challenging and even overwhelming at times. You are not alone. The Senior Source’s free Caregiver Support Program has assisted thousands of families through this journey. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Learn and organize

Gather all the vital information in one place. Start a file or a spreadsheet including:

  • Medical conditions and prognosis
  • Medication names and dosages
  • Current doctors and other care providers including names, business names, and phone numbers
  • Currently scheduled medical and other appointments
  • A log of daily activities – bathing, toilet usage, feeding, sleeping, walking
  • Financial obligations including rent, bills, and insurance
  • Legal and financial documents – The Senior Source can provide a checklist


Gather a support network

Put together a team of friends and family who care about your loved one and assign them jobs too.

  • Ask about concerns they have for the loved one’s condition
  • Ask about any preferences they have for her care moving forward
  • Set up a regular check-in time to communicate regularly
  • These conversations may be difficult at first but keep trying!
    • It will get easier when everyone feels heard and their opinions valued


Safety proof the home

Slips, trips, and falls are extremely dangerous or even deadly for the elderly

  • Look around the senior’s home for hazard spots
  • Remove excess clutter
  • Replace or remove any rugs or flooring that is a tripping hazard
  • Install handrails in slippery places like the bathroom or kitchen
  • Map out an emergency action plan


Find community resources

Many community agencies, charities, and churches have resources to support senior citizens and their caregivers. The Senior Source can help connect you to these groups.


Care for the caregiver

You matter too!

  • Begin or continue your own regular medical appointments
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Take care of your other relationships and stay connected with other family and friends
  • Try various stress reduction techniques such as meditation, exercise, or journaling
  • Use respite care- The Senior Source can help you identify respite options Join a caregiver support group
    • Our support groups meet virtually
  • Join a caregiver support group
  • Plan fun activities for yourself too – music, art, laughter, movies, walks in nature


More information

This brochure is a good place to start, but it is just the beginning. The Senior Source can provide more details on everything you need to know. Our Caregiver Support Counselors can answer your questions and our services are free. Contact us today.

Email – CSP@ TheSeniorSource.org
Website – TheSeniorSource.org
Phone – 214.823.5700



Contact us at Info@TheSeniorSource.org or call (214) 823-5700.




Contact Kimberly Knight, MSSW, Caregiver Support Program Director at 214-525-6155.

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