Subsidized Housing Programs for Older Adults

Subsidized Housing Programs for Older Adults

Federal legislation has created housing programs that assist older adults who have limited income.

The Senior Source understands the complexity of these programs and has compiled the following to help you navigate through the maze of information. Please note: This is housing for “independent living.” If you are interested in long-term care housing, such as a nursing home or assisted living, please contact The Senior Source 214-823-5700 to further discuss.

Here is a summary of the programs. The page numbers listed in parentheses go into more detail and provide a list of the apartments.


1. HUD apartments (pages 2 – 4)

These apartments contract with HUD and calculate rent according to your income. Rent is typically 30% of your income. You must be at least age 62 or have a physical disability that requires a handicap-accessible apartment. (There are a few out there with a lower age requirement
of 55.) These apartments are privately owned and managed. You apply directly with the apartment. They are not associated with the local housing authority.


2. USDA apartments (page 5)

Yes, that’s right! The U.S. Department of Agriculture has subsidized housing for older adults. You must be at least age 62 or have a physical disability that requires a handicap-accessible apartment. These properties are located in rural areas and managed by local “service centers.”


3. Tax credit apartments (pages 6 – 8)

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program provides tax incentives to apartments in exchange for offering “reasonable” rent to older adults with limited income. Rent varies according to income. Most require you meet income requirements to show you have enough income for the rent. Age eligibility varies; age 55-60 and older.

4. Public housing (page 9)

The conventional public housing program provides rental assistance to low and moderate-income families and individuals. The local housing authority owns and manages these properties. You apply with the housing authority and must live at one of their properties.

5. Section 8 (page 9)

The Housing Choice Voucher program, otherwise known as Section 8, is also managed by the local housing authority. You pay a percentage of your income towards rent. The voucher allows you to live anywhere the voucher is accepted. You are not limited to the housing authority properties like with the conventional public housing program.

**Note: Please contact your local housing authority for updates on public housing and Section 8. These two programs generally have very long waiting lists. Occasionally, the housing authority will open up the waiting list for new applicants. See page 10 for a list of housing authorities.

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Contact Kimberly Knight, MSSW, Caregiver Support Program Director at 214-525-6155.

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