What Would You Do if You Unexpectedly Became a Caregiver?

Caregiver success story Wendy Hunter photo

Wendy unexpectedly became a caregiver at 31. After her mother left the hospital due to a stroke, she needed to go to a skilled nursing facility. Wendy thought, “How do I find one? What do I do? How do I figure out all this stuff?

Fortunately, Wendy has a social worker friend who directed her to The Senior Source. There she found help with a list of potential facilities and guidance on how to make an informed decision.

Through The Senior Source, Wendy also learned about many other helpful programs that assisted her once she moved her mother into her home to begin caregiving.

As Wendy puts it, “There will come a time when you need this.” We are all seniors of tomorrow.

Wendy Hunter: “The Senior Source is a blessing that I did not know I needed until I needed it. And I’m thankful for that.”

Caregiver success story Wendy Hunter photo

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