Play Makers Talk Show: Stacey Malcolmson


From her first volunteer experience as a little girl, accompanying her grandmother to a nursing home and handing out chocolate bars and bananas to the residents, Stacey Malcolmson felt it so rewarding to spend time with and to serve older adults.

Fast forward. Stacey has successfully been able to apply the knowledge and business skills from her seven years at Frito-Lay and her degree from Harvard Business School, to nonprofits in Dallas. She has served in leadership fundraising and marketing roles at Southern Methodist University, United Way, Dallas Habitat for Humanity, and now, for almost four years, she considers it a privilege to call The Senior Source “home”.

Known for empowering seniors through volunteer opportunities, financial guidance, technology classes and caregiver assistance, The Senior Source has taken COVID in stride by altering their services and operations for Dallas seniors and caregivers. And now amid this new wave of Omicron, Malcolmson has specially equipped her organization as the one-stop shop for older adults and caregivers at a time when they need guidance and empowerment more than ever.

To listen to the full interview visit the link below.

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