Planning for the Future

TSS Squares, Linda Floyd, Planned Giving Story

My amazing Mother. The main reason I moved in to working in the field of aging was because of my experiences with my Mother.

I was an only child and my Mother was an older Mother and a very astute person when it came to finances and health care. Early on she made plans for her cremation policy and signed up for a long-term care insurance. She also did her will in the form of a living trust where the transition of her assets would be smooth and not require probate when she died. I always, as a younger person, thought she was being morbid, but as I grew older and saw what was happens when people do not make plans I came to greatly appreciate that my Mother faced the fact that we are all going to die and that it was important to plan to make that time of life ‘easier’ for those left behind.

One of my favorite things to do when I was working at The Senior Source was to weave my Mother’s story into presentations that I gave in the community about having “the conversation” and end of life planning. And my husband and I both signed up for long term care insurance after seeing how Mother’s policy worked to protect her assets and allow her to be in assisted living at no additional cost to her.

–Linda Ross & Floyd Hall

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