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Do all entrances to your home have outdoor lights? Are exterior walkways free from cracks and holes? Are all exterior stairs and ramps slip-resistant?

Front and Back Entrances:

  • Do all entrances to your home have outdoor lights?
  • Are exterior walkways free from cracks and holes?
  • Are all exterior stairs and ramps slip-resistant?
  • Are handrails easy to reach?
  • Is your house number visible to see from the street for first responders?
  • Is the peephole at a proper height for all residents?
  • Is the doorbell in an accessible location?
  • Is there a surface on which to place packages while opening the front or back door?
  • Do all exterior doors have secure easy-to-use locks, bolts and knobs?


Throughout the Home:

  • Are light switches located near each entrance to each hallway and room (including closets)?
  • Are lamp, extension or phone cords out of the flow of foot traffic?
  • Are hallways free from objects and clutter (paper, furniture)?
  • Are curtains and furniture at least 36 inches from baseboard heaters or portable heaters?
  • Do the carpets lie flat (no bumps under the carpet)?
  • Do the small rugs and runners stay put (don’t slide or roll up) when you push them with your foot?
  • Are there working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near the entrance of every bedroom, on each floor level, the top of the stairs, and the garage?
  • Are thermostats easy to locate and read?
  • Are windows and safety locks easy to operate?
  • Do all interior doors have easy-to-use knobs?



  • Is a light left on at night between the bedroom and the toilet?
  • Is there a phone within easy reach of the bed ordo you carry a cell phone with you?



  • Does the shower or tub have a non-skid surface, such as a mat, decals, or abrasive strips?
  • Are wall grab-bars of appropriate height and located in tub/shower/toilet areas (not just a towel rack)?
  • Does the floor have a non-slip-non-glare surface or do your rugs have a non-skid backing?
  • Are you able to get on and off the toilet easily?


Kitchen and Laundry:

  • Are the dishwasher, microwave, stove/oven, washer, and dryer controls easy to see and use?
  • Are towels and curtains kept away from the burners and oven?
  • Are appliances, cabinets, drawers, and regularly used items easy to reach without climbing a step stool or bending over?
  • Are knobs/pulls easy to use to open and close appliances, cabinets, and drawers?
  • Is there enough space to maneuver around the counters and island (30 inch by 48 inch of clear space)?
  • Are countertops free of clutter?



  • Is there a light switch at both the top and bottom of the stairs?
  • With the light on, can you clearly see the outline of each step as you go up and down the stairs?
  • Do all stairways have sturdy handrails on both sides?
  • Do handrails run the full length of the stairs or slightly beyond the steps?
  • Are all steps in good repair (not loose, broken, missing or worn in places?
  • Are stair coverings (rugs, treads) in good repair, without holes and not loose, torn, or worn?



  • Do you have an emergency exit plan in case of disaster?
  • Do you have emergency phone numbers listed by your home phone, in your wallet, or in your cell phone?
  • Are there other hazards or unsafe areas in the home that are not mentioned in this checklist that you are concerned about?


Download the printable checklist below.



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