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About the Program

This program taps into the experience and wisdom of over 500 AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP volunteers and connects them to meaningful volunteer opportunities. The community benefits from the valuable service volunteers and research also suggest that older adults enjoy physical and mental health benefits through volunteering as well.

Our Impact

Education – There is nothing like the feeling of being a positive role model to a child and watching them succeed academically and socially. Sometimes all the students need is a little extra time and attention from someone who cares; someone to show them how to work through problems; someone to celebrate their achievements. At volunteer sites such as the Wesley-Rankin Community Center and Reading Partners, our volunteers mentor tomorrow’s leaders.

Living Independently – One of the First Richardson Helpers defined their volunteer efforts by saying, “we complete the honey-do list for people who don’t have a honey to do them.” Many seniors need minor repairs and improvements to make their homes safe to remain at home such as grab bars in the shower or wheelchair ramps at the entrances. But for seniors on a fixed income, these minor repairs and hiring the labor to do them can become significant expenses. Our volunteers relieve this worry and enjoy visiting and socializing with the families while they work.

Food Pantry and Thrift Stores – Food pantries and thrift stores are currently experiencing record demands. Our volunteers meet the need by stocking shelves, packing boxes, completing client intake forms, coordinating donations to meet the family’s requests, and more. At locations like Crossroads Community Services, White Rock Center of Hope, and Metrocrest Services, our volunteers support at-risk families.

Community Gardening – One of life’s greatest pleasures is planting a seed, watching the plant grow, and picking the ripe fruit to share with others. At volunteer sites such as the Dallas Arboretum and Dolphin Heights Community Garden, our volunteers often improve their community by relieving food insecurity and providing education to children and adults on plant lifecycles and sustainability.

Texas Senior Medicare Patrol – Medicare scams cost taxpayers more than $60 billion each year. Texas Senior Medicare Patrol volunteers give presentations to Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers teaching them to detect and report health care fraud and abuse. Some of our volunteers contact local groups to schedule presentations, and others train with us to be presenters.

So Many More! – The sky is the limit on additional choices for volunteer opportunities. We can suggest options, or you can bring your ideas and let us coordinate with the site. We can arrange regular weekly or monthly commitments or plan a one-time opportunity based on your needs and interests.

Elise's Story

I started volunteering with the White Rock Center of Hope in June of 2014 through the AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP program at The Senior Source. Since that time, I not only have volunteered with the White Rock Center of Hope but also spent two years tutoring kindergartners at S. S. Connor Elementary School in my neighborhood.

The most rewarding part of volunteering is helping organizations that help those in need.

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