The benefits of socialization for older adults have been well-documented over time. Strong social ties to friends, family and community can preserve brain health just as isolation can be a contributing factor to cognitive decline.

The Senior Source has sponsored The Senior Companion Program through the Corporation for National and Community Service which matches older adult volunteers with other older adults who may need companionship.

Additionally, the volunteers assist with non-medical activities such as light housekeeping and meal preparation, accompanying clients to medical appointments and assisting with respite care.

The companions, older adults themselves, are provided the opportunity to stay healthy and active while helping others.

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To volunteer as a Senior Companion, the following criteria must be met:

o    Be 55 years of age or older

o    Be within 200% of federal poverty guidelines

o    Be able to pass a state and FBI criminal history background check

o    Be able to commit to volunteering 15-40 hours a week

Our Partner Sites include:

o    Baylor House Calls

o    Dallas Area Agency on Aging

o    Dallas County Aging and Disability Resource Center

o    Dallas County Older Adult Services

o    Dallas Area Parkinson Society

o    Dickinson Place

o    Elder Support Program at the Senior Source

o    Faith Presbyterian Hospice

o    Methodist Medical Center

o    Parkland Geriatrics

o    Pleasant Mound Urban Park United Methodist Church

o    St. John Missionary Baptist Church

o    Tyler Street Manor

o    UT Southwestern Care Coordination

o    UT Southwestern Transplant Center

o    VA Medical Center

handsBetty and Kay’s Story

Betty served as a Senior Companion for Kay who was having a difficult time accepting the loss of her vision.  At a Senior Companion in-services meeting, Betty learned about services for the blind and invited Kay to go with her on a tour of a model home outfitted with modifications for the visually impaired.  The tour eased Kay’s fears, helping her to accept her situation and move forward with positive changes.


Contact Melanie Calhoun, the Senior Companion Program Director at 214-823-5700 or via email.

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