Many of our older adults become victims when they no longer feel they have the power to protect themselves against financial and physical abuse. Whether in a long-term care facility or in their own homes, our older adults and their families can rest easy knowing The Senior Source is on guard and ready to help.

Learn more about how The Senior Source protects older adults in the greater Dallas area:

Guardianship Program

Many older adults today are at risk for abuse, neglect or exploitation. While some have family or friends who can help, others have no one to whom they can turn.  The Senior Source can help.

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Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Nursing home and assisted living facility residents should be able to live their later years with dignity and respect in a safe environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. These older adults rely on ombudsmen to listen to their concerns, then advocate on their behalf.

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Elder Financial Safety Center

As a unique collaborative partnership between The Senior Source and the Dallas County Probate Courts and District Attorney’s Office, The Elder Financial Safety Center helps older adults to avoid the dangers of financial uncertainty and exploitation.

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