About the Program

Guardianship is the legal provision for managing the affairs of seniors who no longer have the mental and/or physical capacity to do so themselves.

The Senior Source’s staff of experienced professionals serve as guardians for clients who require this support, ensuring that the decisions regarding each senior’s health, financial situation and daily needs are made in his or her best interests. Team members may help pay bills for utilities, rent and groceries; accompany seniors on doctor’s appointments and provide consent for medical procedures; or testify at guardianship hearings. Staff are available 24/7 in case of emergencies.

In addition, the guardianship program assists family members who need assistance in the process of becoming guardians for elderly loved ones with cognitive or physical impairment.

Success Story

Born with an intellectual disability, Jerry, 58, was cared for by his mother and father his entire life. When his parents died in 2015, there was no other family to care for Jerry. He was referred to the Dallas County Probate Court system, which appointed The Senior Source to serve as his guardian.

The Guardianship Program team helped Jerry transition from his childhood home to a group home. The change wasn’t easy, but Jerry still gets to see his church family and is supported by new friends and staff at his group home. His guardianship case managers at The Senior Source make regular visits to evaluate his mental and physical needs, and advocate for Jerry’s well-being. Today, Jerry is thriving and healthy in his new surroundings.

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