Protect, Detect, Report

The Texas Senior Medicare Patrol program is coordinated through the RSVP program at The Senior Source.  The program helps Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries prevent, detect, and report healthcare fraud.  In doing so, the SMP volunteers preserve the integrity of Medicare while protecting older adults as well.

In order to keep this vitally important program going, Texas SMPs nationwide rely on volunteers who are active each year to help in this effort.  Volunteer opportunities include presenting at community events, attend and recruit additional volunteers at health fairs, attend Medicare fraud trainings and workshops to stay current on the latest information.

If you detect Medicare errors, abuse, or fraud, please call the Texas Senior Medicare Patrol at 713-341-6184 or toll-free at 888-341-6187.

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The Facts- Did You Know?

  • Medicare loses $60 billion a year due to fraud, errors, and abuse.

  • In 2012 Medicare expenditures were near $600 billion and are expected to rise as the baby boomer population ages.

  • The range of all health care fraud estimates is 3 to 10 percent of annual health care expenditures.

  • The SMP program netted $742,652 in savings and helped avoid $200,598 in healthcare expenditures in FY 2014, according to the HCFAC report.

For more information or to become a Texas SMP volunteer contact Allison Walters at 214-525-6165or at

See how real Texas Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteers are making a difference!

Richard is taking action! Through a personal experience, while taking care of his mother, Richard saw first hand how older adults can get taken advantage of when dealing with various aspects of Medicare billing. “I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal. It’s amazing the misinformation existing out there. I can’t see why we’d ever ignore something this big. It is out there.”
Richard has been a Texas Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer for seven years.

Felecia takes a stand! While working as a home health aide in a 1 bedroom apartment, she couldn’t help but notice her elderly client’s rooms were crowded with medical equipment. The wheelchairs, walkers, and oxygen tanks were everywhere. When Felecia asked about the equipment, the elderly client stated “They just keep sending me things. I told them I don’t need them, but they keep sending me things and charging it to Medicare.” Felecia made a few calls and had the items not in use sent back, no more items were delivered and no more charges were incurred. “It is a form of healthcare fraud” said Felecia, “and I am happy I was able to help a little”.
Felecia has been a Texas Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer for two years.

Joellyn begins a new chapter! Looking for a way to keep herself mentally stimulated, newly retired Joellyn sees the value in the Senior Medicare Patrol Program. She knows her education and background in government will truly prove to be an asset with her new role as a volunteer. Having written a term paper in college about Medicare in it’s early days of inception, the topic has always been of interest to her. “They’ve obviously had an impact,” said Joellyn, “this is a good thing to do.”
Joellyn has been a Texas Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer for one day.