The Senior Source Young Professional Society was created in 2012 as a way for The Senior Source to connect and engage its next generation of leaders. Our primary purpose is to help The Senior Source advance its mission.

What We Ask:

We ask our members to be advocates for The Senior Source and to help us educate the community on issues that are critical to older adults and to advance awareness for the services offered by The Senior Source. We have opportunities for volunteerism, community involvement, or simply providing increased awareness within your own networks.

What We Provide:

In addition to the opportunities to volunteer and make a substantial impact in someone’s life, we also provide members with various social opportunities to continue the development of our network of supporters.

Membership Dues

Dues cover a 1-year period, from the date of membership. The annual amount is $75 for an individual, and $120 for a couple.

Our Next Events


For more information about The Senior Source Young Professional Society please send us an email.

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Membership in The Senior Source Young Professional Society offers the ability to support one of Dallas’ oldest, and most premier elder care organizations, while at the same time forming relationships that will benefit you throughout your own professional career.