• Caregiver Support Groups offer a wonderful and practical way to share your feelings and experiences in caregiving and to learn new approaches and resources that can assist you along the way
  • We provide these basic guidelines to provide a safe and positive experience for all

General Guidelines for Caregiver Support Group:

  • Confidentiality
    • Facilitators and group members will maintain all discussion confidential from group meetings and will keep names and discussion confidential outside of the meetings
      • Because confidentiality is essential, we expect that each person will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the group. What is said in group is not to be repeated or discussed at any other time or place.
    • By law: As a social worker, I also need to inform you that I am a mandatory reporter. This means that if I suspect there is a concern about the safety of a group member causing harm to themselves, or that a group member may harm others, this includes concerns of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. I am required by law to report it to the appropriate authorities.
      • Do not tape or record our group meetings
      • Use a secure WiFi connection, not a public or free WiFi
    • Meeting Guidelines
      • Allow each group member an opportunity to speak during every meeting
      • Share personal concerns, experiences, and questions but focus on purpose of group
        • Facilitators are available for support outside of group meeting time to provide individual support, resources and referrals
      • Behavior and Language consistent whether in person, by zoom, or by phone
        • Fully dressed in common area
        • Language that does not “attack” another individual in the group
      • Meeting and member boundaries
        • We will not share your individual information with group members
        • It is an individual’s decision whether to pursue contact with other group members outside of group meetings-this includes sharing of cell phone numbers, outside conversations, face to face meetings
        • It is important to focus on the collective purpose of the support group and to be aware that crossing boundaries can impact the entire group
        • We each share the responsibility of making this group work.
        • We try to accept people, just as they are, and avoid making judgements.
        • We have the right to speak and the right to remain silent.
        • We give supportive attention to the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations.
        • We do not discuss group members who are not present.
        • We begin and end our meetings on time.


Even though our goal is to support each person, this group may not meet all your needs.  We encourage each group member to consider engaging in individual counseling/therapy along with attending this support group so that the spectrum of their needs is being met.  “There is no such thing as too much support

It is not common, but we reserve the right to remove an individual member if the person does not follow these basic guidelines and places other members at risk.

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