Serving as our public policy program, AGE staff and volunteers utilize workshops, newsletters and community forums to share information about legislation and policies affecting older adults.

Topics at the local, state and national levels are shared and discussed to help empower older adults to effectively influence key issues with their elected officials. Some recent topics have included health care, housing, safety, insurance, economic security, and transportation. As informed citizens, the AGE team ensures our public officials have insights into the important topics impacting older adults.

Additionally, AGE is a member of the Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition, which organizes Senior Day at the Capitol. The presence of over 4,000 enthusiastic older adults on the Capitol steps help kick-off advocacy efforts and hopefully some successes during State Legislative sessions. The Senior Source sponsors busses to the day-long event held in Austin.

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Contact Lynda Ender, the AGE Program Director at 214-823-5700 or via email.

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